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The World NEXT ends 

One of my security paranoria things, but I don't blog about being out of town until I'm not out of town anymore

Now that I'm back from Lotusphere, I have too much work to do. I'll try and post some thoughts about it this weekend. I did twitter during LS, since that's a much smaller group. For the moment, here are my twitters over the course of the conference:


WiseCraig got a yellow badge! 05:34 PM
IBM Business Development Day Opening
JMP302 All Things Mail with IBM Lotus Domino
Speakers: Susan Bulloch, Paul Mooney

SW 5-6 - Sunday  10:30am - 12:30pm

Good stuff! DL the presentation!
Greyhawk68: Lotus Store seemed fairly sparse to me this year, although I bought a nice card reader/usb hub and then got a free usb hum too
WiseCraig Yes, but I do need a new minimouse, and now I have a LS one... 09:30 AM
JMP102 IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Deployment and Administration
Speakers: Mark Oslowski, Jack Ciejek

SW 1-4 - Sunday  1:30pm - 3:30pm

WiseCraig Dwa d&a folks: NEVER store a domino server ID without a password in the domino directory. BAD security mojo. 12:55 PM  
WiseCraig Tip: for long walks AND unexpected things, go to lotusphere 2008! 01:26 PM  
rlb865: The Lotus911 guys have a cutout of Picard in their window.
WiseCraig I can arrange to rent them a life, If desired.... ;-) 01:32 PM  
WiseCraig  - dwas a&d folks said 8.0.1 due in feb. 02:20 PM    
WiseCraig  [twitter] tips.... Must .... Die.....;-) 02:43 PM    
JMP301 Understanding Security in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino (R2)
Speakers: Andrew Pollack, Gabriella Davis

SW 5-6 - Sunday  4:00pm - 6:00pm

Greyhawk68: third session in a row with a Mac doing presentation. We are infiltrating!
WiseCraig  you've been hypnotized by the glowing apple. Don't look into the light! 03:33 PM    
WiseCraig  lotus foundation looks nice. need more info on it. 03:54 PM    
WiseCraig anyone having any luck with the online session survey? It just refreshes the login page 09:49 AM  
WiseCraig works in IE, not opera mini. Hmmm. 10:00 AM  
(editor's note: eventually it worked with Opera Mini, or more exactly 'worked as well as it ever worked')
WiseCraig Get coffee when leaving the dining room.... 12:22 PM  
Opening General Session (Yellow Badges ME!)
WiseCraig  EMERGENCE... Reminds me of bodysnatchers. Ignore the pods when you walk in 'white badgers' ;-) 07:14 AM January 21, 2008    
WiseCraig  mr. R.speaking... older gens used digital analogs (doc/powerpoint/spreasheet)The new gen is different. They need new tools. 07:31 AM January 21, 2008    
WiseCraig Guess who has these tools? 07:31 AM January 21, 2008  
WiseCraig we've used tech to reduce costs. But that's ending. We must use tech to increase revenue. Do this by sharing....colaborating...socializ ... ... 07:34 AM January 21, 2008  
WiseCraig Foundations combines the netix acquistion with domino & symphony to compete with ms sbs. 08:09 AM  
WiseCraig Er, nitix 08:10 AM  
WiseCraig Talking about seaching... Showed google. Why not show IBM's website as an example of seach? :-D 07:35 AM  
WiseCraig Search is old. Discovery is new. 07:35 AM  
WiseCraig  cto of SAP 07:41 AM    
WiseCraig  on stage 07:41 AM    
WiseCraig  atlantic - joint prod between ibm & sap 07:43 AM    
WiseCraig  4th q release. 07:44 AM    
WiseCraig  workflow for leave and travel via 'familiar' notes interface. 07:44 AM    
WiseCraig  demo of atlantic 07:45 AM    
WiseCraig  have to see how this is different than the 'rocky & bob' sap show. 07:47 AM    
WiseCraig  cage match: notes vs domino dev. 07:49 AM    
CoreyDavis: Is it just me, or is there a lack of energy? Sure, people are clapping, but no one seems too excited about this.
WiseCraig  I'm with you mr. Davis. 07:49 AM    
WiseCraig  'extend dwa to iphone' 07:50 AM    
WiseCraig  notes for ubuntu, mac 07:51 AM    
WiseCraig  new dwa starts 45 percent faster. 07:52 AM    
WiseCraig  sorry, but new stuff (notes) tops optimization (domino) 07:52 AM    
WiseCraig  look mail quota graphic. Don't tell openntf.... 07:53 AM    
WiseCraig  widget pallete - add widgets from web, google gagdet, notes views to sidebar. 07:55 AM    
WiseCraig  nifty 07:55 AM    
WiseCraig  easy add notes app to sidebar 07:55 AM    
WiseCraig  drag and drop widget from email to sidebar. Policies cantrol widgets. 07:56 AM    
WiseCraig  widgets can interact with live text from emails, etc. Get stock quote by clicking on ticker name in email. 07:58 AM    
WiseCraig  dwa light. Er lite demo 07:58 AM    
WiseCraig  dwa even lighter version for iPhone & iTouch. 08:00 AM    
WiseCraig  8.0.1 in feb. 08:01 AM    
WiseCraig  8.5 intro 08:01 AM    
WiseCraig  lotus protector for email security. Appliance from ISS and lotus. 08:03 AM    
WiseCraig  domino rad web dev. Demo!! 08:04 AM    
WiseCraig  go maureen! 08:05 AM    
WiseCraig  domino rad web dev. Demo!! 08:05 AM    
WiseCraig  for 8.5 08:05 AM    
WiseCraig  drag and drop, css, designer based on eclipse in 8.5. :-) 08:08 AM    
WiseCraig  class browser. 08:08 AM    
WiseCraig  symphony up next 08:10 AM    
WiseCraig  feb 'notes compatible' symphony 08:12 AM    
WiseCraig  programming 08:12 AM    
WiseCraig for roadshow. 08:13 AM    
WiseCraig  must have switched the caf coffee for decaf at breakfast. 08:15 AM    
Someone: be free. work smart. Symphony tagline
WiseCraig  M$ be slave. Work dumb. 08:16 AM    
WiseCraig  st advanced: broadcast communities, skill tap, persistent chat rooms 08:22 AM    
WiseCraig  share files in persistent chat, screen share. 08:22 AM    
WiseCraig  st unified telephony. Multiple phone system integration. External click to call. 08:24 AM    
WiseCraig  SUT - rules for when I'm offline.
WiseCraig  whenever I'm away, route calls to cell phone.
WiseCraig  portal now.
WiseCraig  was that applause? Hard to tell.
WiseCraig  note to IBM: Blackberry has 30 percent marketshare. That means it DOESN'T have 70 percent.
WiseCraig  yawn.. Ah portals over. Wake up!
WiseCraig  quickr & connections up
WiseCraig  quickr links to filenet p9 & ibm cm8 later this year.
WiseCraig  quickr demo
WiseCraig  note to self: must photoshop picture of self to look buff.
WiseCraig  summary - quickr rocks and now rocks with filenet & cm8
WiseCraig  connections up
WiseCraig  connections languange and mobile support: arabic, russian, etc. translation support. 08:51 AM    
WiseCraig  connections 2: customizable 08:52 AM    
WiseCraig  is 'mashupability' a word? 08:52 AM    
WiseCraig  connections demo. 08:53 AM    
WiseCraig  atlas up 08:58 AM    
WiseCraig  atlas 'analyzes people in your network to reach out to' 08:59 AM    
WiseCraig  isn't a mashup what richard dreyfus did at the dinner table is close encounters? 09:00 AM    
WiseCraig  ibm lotus mashups announcement 09:00 AM    
WiseCraig  mashup catalog of widgets. 09:01 AM    
WiseCraig  open standard based 09:01 AM    
WiseCraig Mashups demo 09:01 AM  
WiseCraig  hmmm twitter comments are coming in in random order. Makes it interesting. Thought they'd be in submit order... 09:03 AM    
WiseCraig  mr. R back 09:05 AM    
WiseCraig  lotus foundation announcment. 09:06 AM    
WiseCraig  foundations server - hardware and software in an envelope. Sweet. 09:09 AM    
WiseCraig  nitix will help with foundations. 'drop dead simple' 09:08 AM  
WiseCraig  foundations 1st release: collaboration server. 09:08 AM    
WiseCraig  ok the live symphony music rocks. 09:06 AM    
WiseCraig  bluehouse is an saas that hooks into foundation 09:11 AM    
WiseCraig  bluehouse adds rich functionality for smb as a service. 09:12 AM    
WiseCraig  bluehouse allows collaboration with other people outside your company. 09:14 AM    
WiseCraig  bluehouse managed beta today. 09:15 AM    
WiseCraig  need coffee  
WiseCraig  Hard call: salon or blackberry?
WiseCraig  ....can't resist...must...obey....blackberry....
BlackBerry 101 – Overview of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
Way... basic... left to deal with client issues.
WiseCraig  clarification: expeditor with notes plugin is 'a new working environment integrating a bunch of traditional & next gen tooling!'  
AD301 IBM Lotus Domino Designer
Speakers: Maureen Leland, Mark Jourdain

DL N. Hemisphere A-C - Monday  2:15pm - 3:15pm

WiseCraig  Waiting for the Domino designer session.
WiseCraig Ms.Leland looks wonderful and happy.
Greyhawk68: . Another session, another Mac presenting, and no big Mac announcements at the OGS. :-(
WiseCraig  if the mac works as 'well' as it did yesterday for Ms. Davis... I can see why.... ;-)
WiseCraig  designer 8.0.1 ... Small improvements. designer 8.5... Eclispe (aka nirvana)...    
WiseCraig  designer - slde 'do I have to learn Java? BIG LETTERS - NO!
WiseCraig  bye bye bookmarks in 8.5    
WiseCraig  mapping NSF to filesystem. As far as eclipse is concerned, all design elements are file system objects.  
WiseCraig  can copy and paste unids in property areas...    
WiseCraig  ... Look...real code editing in designer 8.5....! Javascript, java, lotuscript, etc.
WiseCraig  css style sheet browser and editing....    
WiseCraig  whatever will the .NET minions so?
WiseCraig  'use javascript control' instead of 'use java applet'    
WiseCraig  gives you the dojo richtext editor. S.w.e.e.t.  
WiseCraig  new design element: xPage. Based on extended JSF.
WiseCraig  '8.5 will ship in 2008. That's our target.'
WiseCraig  gotta love wirelessnetworks. Anybody got a box of IP addresses?
AD205 I'm an IBM Lotus Notes Developer, Why Do I Care About IBM Lotus Expeditor?
Speakers: Hunter Medney, Kevin Gilhooly
DL N. Hemisphere A-C - Monday  3:30pm - 4:30pmRepeats: SW 5-6 - Monday  4:15pm - 5:15pm

No twitter - thoughts to follow....
BP101 AdminBlast... Over 60 Tips in 60 Minutes!
Speaker: Paul Mooney
DL S. Hemisphere I - Monday  5:00pm - 6:00pmRepeats: DL S. Hemisphere II - Monday  3:00pm - 4:00pm

No twitter - but get the slides and follow them!
WiseCraig  ....need more buzzwords...pls ... Help....
WiseCraig  forgot the :-)
ID201 IBM Lotus Domino - A Look Ahead (R2)
Speaker: Russ HoldenSW 1-4 - Tuesday  10:00am - 11:00amRepeats: DL N. Hemisphere D-E - Tuesday  3:30pm - 4:30pm

WiseCraig  in 'id201 (r2)' - 8.5 has major improvements and NOT just I'm web dev
WiseCraig  look at the slides, but real ID mgt, use AD to replace domino dir, single copy file store for attachments - stored in filesystem
WiseCraig  using AD for directory in 8.5 will break current API domino dir access (yikes!)
AD302 IBM Lotus Domino Web Server Application Development Directions
Speakers: Bob Balaban, Philippe RiandSW 5-6 - Tuesday  11:15am - 12:15pm

WiseCraig  now awaiting Mr. Balaban's message from god.
WiseCraig :-))
WiseCraig  id302: 'Make Domino WebApp KICK-ASS again'    
WiseCraig  and easy for developers to make look good. Sorry, Mr. Mooney....
WiseCraig  'fixing web dev' means 'fix it RIGHT' not hack it.    
WiseCraig  id302: dojo-based replacements for java apps. Lawyers made it hard. First thing, we .....    
WiseCraig  er dojo replaces java appLETS.
WiseCraig  bob proves you can have domino serve UGLY css styles, too. ;-)
WiseCraig  12 years waiting to a java debugger. Ought to be darn good!    
WiseCraig  xPage is a temp name. I'm sure it'll something like'IBM Lotus Dynamic eXtensible Pages for IBM Lotus Domino, web version.' :-)
WiseCraig  stuart-according to Mr. Balaban & ms leland, yes. .... And as they are part if the Lotus pantheon, I buy it.
WiseCraig  Ms. Leland. No disrepect intended.....
WiseCraig  .set soapbox on. Ibm - I'm tired of 'completely extensible' my house is completely extensible. I'd like easy, RAD, and slick.
WiseCraig  Notes has always made the hard things, replication, etc. Let's continue that.  
WiseCraig  javascript WITH mix & match @functions...YUMMY
WiseCraig  NOT using dojo is ...less convenient than using dojo. :-D    
WiseCraig  bob and co. hath spake.
WiseCraig  and the faithful are happy.    
WiseCraig  nomenclature test: ok, twiteratzi - what do you thing when you hear 'completely extensible'? 11:44 AM    
WiseCraig  I think, 'it doesn't do what you, but if you run a #2 cheese grater on your back for a week, it will, mostly, with the right ... ... 11:47 AM    

philrandolph: DonKt let me forget my 1:05 boat race with Greg!
WiseCraig  pe rhaps you could set an alarm for your boatrace
BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1.5 Performance Enhancements
WiseCraig  real performance improvements in BES 4.1.2+ if you use it with D7.02+. Core domino api additions to support BES.
WiseCraig  These twitter emails about being followed by 'stalker #1' are freaky. OK, 'stalker #1' is not a real name. 12:06 PM    
rwunder: - the "Creating Mashups" session is jammed. Mashups has traction !!
iseCraig  mashups is interesting. prediction: like component designer (LCD) it'll fold into domino designer. 12:52 PM    
AD303 Transforming IBM Lotus Domino Web Apps with IBM Lotus Domino Designer
Speakers: Rocky Oliver, Martin DonnellySW 5-6 - Tuesday  1:30pm - 2:30pm

WiseCraig  rocky looks much happier since they removed the Borg implants. :-)
jedwhite: really really can't wait for Designer for Eclipse and .xsp
WiseCraig  got that right. 01:03 PM    
WiseCraig  maybe it should be .DSP? ;-) 01:03 PM    
jedwhite: @WiseCraig might have to mug Martin for a copy. Don't think I can wait. ;)
WiseCraig @jedwhite well, I was thinking along the lines of 'get him drunk', but to each his own.... 01:14 PM January 22, 2008in reply to jedwhite    
jedwhite: bp203 is about how to kluge web 2.0-style stuff using old-worldy domino hacks. Good reminder of just how needed are DDE and .xsp
WiseCraig  don't take that the wrong way, folks from the old world (i.e. Europe....) :-D 03:02 PM    
jedwhite: @WiseCraig or worldly old Domino hackers for that matter :-)
AD111 IBM Lotus Notes Widgets and Live Text: Linking Your Data to the World
Speakers: Brian Leonard, Andrew DavisSW 5-6 - Wednesday  08:30am - 9:30am

WiseCraig  in ad111 notes widgets. THAT's what I'm talkin' about, lotus! Human-approachable power.
WiseCraig  ad111 store widgets and deploy them from an NSF. Policy control & or let users easly pick, install & configure.
WiseCraig  ad111 any notes view in a widget in the sidebar... A couple of clicks.
WiseCraig  ad111 live text is sweet. Nice live text builder. You easily describe what format the text comes in and it watches and acts ... ...
WiseCraig  livetext noteswidgets do not require 8 server.
WiseCraig  livetext etc. on 8.0.1 WINDOWS only. 8.0.2 linux. 8.5 mac
ID109 Design Directions for IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus Sametime and IBM Lotus Expeditor
Speakers: Carrene Tracy, Mary Beth Raven DL N. Hemisphere D-E - Wednesday  1:30pm - 2:30pm

WiseCraig  id109 - neat. Ms. Raven is demo'ing ideas and getting votes/feedback on them
WiseCraig  id109 one of the IBM brand attributes is 'simple'.
ID205 IBM Lotus Domino Storage (R2)
Speakers: Gary Rheaume, David AttardoDL S. Hemisphere II - Wednesday  10:00am - 11:00am

WiseCraig  in ID205 - domino storage. Blue collar. Hoi polloi. Blindingly important.
WiseCraig  id205 data document compression in 8.0.1....not attachments (use LZ1 for that!). Useful.
WiseCraig  DAOS (dom. Attachment and object service) attachments store in filesystem, hashed and single stored. No more duplicate 20mb PDFs.
WiseCraig  daos is transparent to c-api, agent, replication, lotusscript, etc. Well done!
WiseCraig  id205. Far better than 2 years ago when the big thrust was db2nsf.
WiseCraig  thanks 'king... What vendors have the coolest stuff? 12:29 PM    
WiseCraig  darn client phone calls keeping me from the blogger's not like they paid for LS...wait... they did!
ID213 Group Policies and Best Practices for Policy-Based Management
Speakers: Laurie Sprague, Leah Busque SW 1-4 - Thursday  08:30am - 9:30am

WiseCraig  I am Ed Brill. Or is Alan Lepofsky?
WiseCraig  id213 - setup policies being phased out in favor of 'initial setting' option in desktop policy. Logical.
WiseCraig  id213 - 'lockdown is your friend. Use it!'
WiseCraig  id213 - in 8.5, policies are assigned in policy document(s) to groups & people.
WiseCraig  funny, but male presenters seem to be more sensitive to applause coming through the walls than female presenters.
WiseCraig  id213 - policy precedence tab lets you set policy weight.
WiseCraig: id213 - user asked for policy control over welcome page. duh? Not there yet though. Hello?! Anyone there?!
WiseCraig: id213 - fwiw, presenters were gracious about welcome page. Maybe higher ups don't like that idea? I'm sure they's love portal to do that, I guess.
WiseCraig  id213 - 'live demo of policy application' sounds exciting, eh? ;-)
WiseCraig  id213 - still good & useful, though!
ID503 Deploying IBM Lotus Quickr Performance Considerations
Speaker: Stephan Roorda SW Osprey - Thursday  10:00am - 11:00am

WiseCraig  in id503 - quikr performance.
WiseCraig  id503 - my system x/i/p sales folks LOVE portal

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