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The World NEXT ends 

Every once in a while I get to take some training. OK, what I really mean is "every once in a while my company needs me to get a certification and I tell them that I can't get it without training - and they buy it."
Anyway, so I took the VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure class this week. Good class, enjoyed it. Don't tell anyone, but since I've been using VMware for several years it had some excellent points in preparing for the cert (milk the teachers), but wasn't really new to me. I still have no clue why ESX doesn't officially support SATA drives, though. Guess EMC feels that it'll sell more SANs that way.

As a personal reward for being in training this week and still billing enough to pay for myself, I went to pick up the kids from school. While I was waiting at a red light I was reminded that things don't always work out the way you think they will. The reminding agent in this case was a 2005 Nissan Altima, the 19 year-old driver of which apparently wasn't comfortable with the brake pedal. So, my day changed rather rapidly, or you could say, forcefully.

So, in 2 hours, I went from anticipating talking with the kids to meeting officer friendly, getting my car to the repair shop, and making my sick-overworked-and-yet-still-patient-with-'ADDman' wife drive me to pick up what I would call "the cheapest rental car available to man", and what Allstate calls "the luxury car we'll pay for". It's a ancient Chevy Aveo and I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually have an engine - it's more likely to have one or two nutria in wheels, I'll have to check tomorrow. Originally, nutria are from South America, but have gotten to be pretty common around here, and that seems like the only thing they might be useful for, other than destroying the wetlands.

Anyway, the take-away for me is that it took one person's 2 second misjudgement to change the arc of my and my family's  life in the near term. I'm just thankful that in this case it just means I'll be getting friendly with the bottle of Advil this weekend and driving a car that Inspector Clouseau would be happy with. It just makes you think and be thankful.

I give Thee thanks, heavenly Father, through thy dear Son Jesus Christ, that Thou hast this day graciously protected me. I beseech Thee to forgive all my sin and wrong which I have done. Graciously protect me during the coming night. Into thy hands I commend my body and soul and all that is mine. Let thy holy angels have charge of me, that the wicked one may have no power over me. Amen.

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Craig Wiseman September 28th, 2007 07:40:01 PM

1) It’s trite to say, but the world really can change in an instant
Charles Robinson 9/28/2007 9:00:40 PM

I'm glad you and yours are doing okay. I hear nutria taste a bit like rabbit, so there's another possible use. ;-) We were driving to dinner one night when I happened to catch glimpse of a car speeding out of a parking lot and across two oncoming lanes of traffic. Just as I yelled "watch out!" it smashed into our side. Myron never saw it coming. The weird irony: he worked with the teenage driver's mother, who went out of her way to ignore him the next day. Strange.

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