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The World NEXT ends 

Mr. Jindal's performance giving the Republican Response to the President's speech was, uh, underwhelming. However, to be fair: Mr. Obama's speech was really really good, and if you remove the "cynicism glasses" (and ignore that he's probably not being completely up-front on his intentions and the fact that even if he was, he can't possibly do everything he talked about) it's hard to argue with any part of the speech. I think the reason Mr. Jindal got to give the response was that no one else in their right mind would agree to do it. He had a tough row to hoe before he even started talking.

Here's the 60 Minutes segment on him from last night, where he faired much better. (Although his wife probably did the best.)

He's been called the Republican Obama and some think he may run for the presidency some day. But his national debut caused some to doubt Bobby Jindal. Morley Safer profiles the governor of Louisiana.

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Craig Wiseman March 2nd, 2009 05:09:54 PM

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